Short: Minimal offline HTML-Browser v0.71 Author: (Jacco van Weert) Uploader: weertj xs4all nl (Jacco van Weert) Type: comm/www Version: 0.71 Requires: KS/WB 3.0 or better, 68000+, StormWizard.library Architecture: m68k-amigaos TITLE Pioneer VERSION 0.71 COMPANY Maverick Software Development AUTHOR Jacco van Weert HISTORY v0.5 ---- First version v0.71 ----- hv.library & Pioneer in 68000 version. hv.library 6.2 * Entities implemented, so the german umlauts are supported. *
 blocks are more supported.

		Pioneer 0.71

		* Html load procedure bug solved.
		* pioneer.wizard linked to executable.
		* Settings added, "Load Background", "Load Images".
		* Reload button added.
		* Several small bugs solved.


	Pioneer is a small HTML-Browser. It can only be used offline and it supports
	only a small subset of the HTML (4.0) tags. It's primary function is to have
	a small program to browse some through some standard HTML pages.
	Images are supported through the datatypes.
	Pioneer uses the supplied hv.library (23K) for HTML parsing and rendering, the
	Pioneer program itself is only 15K in size. The StormWizard.library is
	needed to render the GUI (Available freely from Haage&Partners and AmiNet)

	Please note that this is v0.5 and Pioneer offers only a basic functionality.
	In the future however Pioneer could support more HTML tags and adding
	more functionality.

	How to use Pioneer

	Pioneer can be started from the CLI or Workbench.


	From the CLI a HTML-page as parameter can be supplied, when no parameter
	is supplied Pioneer tries to load the file "index.html".

	The menu consists only out of two items, "Quit" to quit Pioneer (shock!).
	And "Load" to load a new HTML page. Under the "Settings" menu list there are
	two switches, "Load Images" and "Load BackGround" with these two switches the
	loading of images are controlled.
	There are also three buttons "Back" and "Forward", these are to browse through
	the html page history, the "Reload" button reloads the html page.

	Bugs reports and/or suggestions are welcome at;


	Amiga Kickstart/Workbench 3.0 or better


	AmiNet (comm/www/Pioneer.lha)




	Freeware, (C) 1998 Maverick Software Development